Human Biology + Modern Environment = Modern (SICK) Man

Human Biology + Modern Environment = Modern (SICK) Man

Last weekend I took a vacation to a beach nearby. I made a conscious decision to be off the phone and the Facebook for the most part of my time there.

I took daily walks and light runs on the beach, barefooted.

I went out early before the sun rise, without eating, without even having my coffee, only a little water. At first I felt cold, so I had to walk faster and faster, but that wasn’t enough so I ran to keep my body warm.

I pushed my body out of its comfort zone.

From feeling cold I went to feeling hot, so I took off my light jacket, and continued to run. It felt good to feel my muscles working in a way they don’t get to work very often, if ever (you get it, I’m not a runner).

I got sandy, wet, sweaty, and of course I got a nice sun tan along with a good dose of Vit D.

I felt good despite the fact that I took my body out of its comfort zone.

And that was when I realized “it is the comfort”. The comfort is “killing us”…

We are living longer than ever before in human history, yet we stop living when we reach our teens years.

Uhh, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s takes too long to cook, the sun is too strong, the wing is too cold,….

It’s the 21st Century’s comfortable environment that is in misalignment with our biology.

This comfortable life we live today is killing us.


It goes like this:

  1. biologically, we are the same as the so called “primitive man”
  2. the environment we live in today is completely different than that of the “primitive man”

There is a gross mismatch between the environment and the biology, which translates into alarming rates of obesity, diabetes, CVD, cancer, autoimmunity, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and so on.

The same exact biology, the same metabolic pathways that allowed the primitive man to survive in a harsh environment during the absence of food for prolonged periods of time (fast or famine), followed by feasting when food was available are responsible for the chronic dis-ease state of humans today in developed countries.

Why is that?

  • Metabolically we are “forced” by our current environment to save (as in feasting time), for the time when will be no food (famine time). The only problem is, there is no more famine time, not in developed countries.

Same biology, different environments >>>> different results.

Human Biology (constant) + Ancestral Environment (variable) = primitive man (lean and fit)

Human Biology (constant) + Modern Environment (variable) = modern man (obese and chronically sick)

  • It’s about the insulin and its ability to make us store energy from food, primarily from carbohydrates, in times of plenty for times of famine.
    There is only one problem.

In developed countries in the 21st century, we only experience feast, no famine.

We have the same metabolism like the ancestral man, but we live in a 180 degree different environment.

In today’s video, I’m showing you how you can make changes to your current environment to make your “ancestral biology” work for you not against you, so you can experience health and happiness, (again).

Is this a hopeless situation? NO!

What can we do to change the current status quo?

  1. we can’t change our biology,
  2. we can change our environment to mimic the one of the primitive man. Because as you could see from the above equation, the environment (is the variable) that dictates how the biology works.

How are we doing that?

  1. eat real whole foods, drop the comfort and convenience of supermarket, pre made, packaged or frozen foods, microwave, drive thru, delivery, etc.
  2. eat local and seasonal, find the farmers and farmer’s markets in your neighborhood and get your foods directly from them,
  3. eat less often, skip a meal or two from time to time, or fast for a longer time periodically,
    ditch sugar and refined carbs, ditch all grains and starches, as they were not part of primitive man’s diet,
  4. say “no” to fruit juices or any modern manmade beverages, stick with water and coconut water if you live in a tropical region,
  5. walk more, bend more, climb more, sweat more, sun tan more, get hot and cold more often, breath deep more often, laugh more, hug more,
  6. drive less, fly less, use less elevators, escalators, remote controls, washers, driers, climate control devices, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.
  7. Let your body do what it was meant to do. Let it deal with the elements of nature, and that will awaken the inner physician in you, and it will make you stronger and more resilient.

Does this makes sense to you?

Biologically we are not keeping up with the changes that take place in our environment. It is like we are misplaced, in a world in which our biology didn’t have time to adapt to, yet.

It may adapt to it, but I’m afraid not in my lifetime.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you resonate with this? Leave a comment below.

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