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I was tried of being on a weight and diet roller-coaster, I had no energy, and my skin was getting all sorts of breakouts. I decided to look for a nutritionist to help me reach my health and weight goals in a sustainable manner. It was by luck that I came across Mihaela’s information at a health nutrition store. But I believe things happen for a reason and it was meant to be that way. I decided to work with Mihaela at the end of January 2015, and I started with the 7-day detox. That was an eye opener for me; it showed me first-hand the power of nutrition. Then I continued with the 3-month coaching. The program is easy and gradually guides you to the next level with support and resources. So far I have lost 12 pounds in the shortest amount of time, have increased energy and a controlled appetite, and have developed a meal and exercise plan that works for me and my family. The results are based on a combination of education about how to eat and enjoy healthy eating and making exercise part of daily routine. The program is more about fitting a healthy lifestyle into one’s daily schedule.

Of all the programs I have ever tried before in my attempt to get healthy and lose weight, this has been the most comprehensive and flexible program. I believe the coaching, education/resources, and customization to my needs and goals has been the reason for its effectiveness.

Mihaela’s coaching program is not only very personalized, but she is so passionate about her work, and she truly cares if people reach their goals. She’s a wealth of information, a great educator, coach, trainer, and accountability partner, her desire to help others succeed transpires into everything she does.

If you’re looking to reach your health and wellness goals, if you want long-lasting results, if you want to be in peace with food, to learn to unconditionally love yourself, and to make healthy living fit your lifestyle, then call Mihaela now! Don’t wait; you won’t be disappointed.

Gisella Nieto, Realtor-Ponte Vedra, FL


I went through a 6 month program with Mihaela and it was the best, most well-rounded health gift I could have ever given myself. I had no idea how much my health (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and well-being could be enhanced.

When I first began working with Mihaela on her full health coaching program, I was suffering with numerous bouts of bronchitis and upper respiratory infections several times a year. I was also overweight despite the fact that I was trying to diet and was exercising 6 days a week. Mihaela was recommended to me by my personal trainer. She helped me learn proper nutrition, how to cook healthy meals, how to shop (grocery, local farms, and farmer’s markets), how to eliminate harmful chemicals from my home environment, how to benefit from using natural, essential oils, and how to use meditation techniques to deal with the stress of a corporate job and other life stressors.

The program was amazing, as was Mihaela, who was so supportive when I would become frustrated if results didn’t happen immediately. Mihaela is a hard core nutritionist, a health coach and life coach combined, which is an unusual combination. It is like getting 2 coaches for the price of one.

I still continue to confer with Mihaela even though it has been 2 1/2 years since my initial program. I am now healthier than I have ever been in my life. I have lost over 40 lbs. and have not been sick in 2 years. I plan to continue my health journey with her into the future.

“If you are ready to invest in yourself and change your lifestyle, no matter what age you might be, then trust Mihaela to help you establish, set, and reach your goals. You need to think of this program as an investment and not an expense. You will have no regrets, and your life will improve in ways you cannot even imagine.”

Pat Janco, Quality Assurance and Therapy Dog Mama


I was initially hesitant to sign up for the AIN program, thinking my busy work schedule would not allow me to complete the program. But the online classes that I could watch anytime time fit my schedule perfectly. Although I feel myself to be well-read about diet & nutrition, I learned a great deal every week. I use this knowledge now daily. I feel anyone could benefit from this course, which covers basics of healthy eating and cooking to more advanced techniques such as fermentation of foods at home. This course has definitely taken me to the next level of health and wellness.

Holly H round

“I am so glad I took the AIN course with Mihaela, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about getting healthy using food as medicine!”

Holly Hancock, MD, FACC


My daughter, who is high-functioning autistic had been on the GAPS diet for two years. I just followed the book and researched online to implement the diet. She was feeling much better and I knew that this was going to help her. But. . . I needed more individualized guidance to really get the results that she needed. Plus, the GAPS diet is too hard to continue long-term and not be 100% sure you are doing everything right. I found Mihaela Telecan listed as a local GAPS practitioner. I spoke to her over the phone and knew right away that she really knew what the GAPS diet was all about. We have worked with Mihaela for about 9 months now, and my daughter has reached a new level of healing. When I have a question, I can call or text her and get a quick response. The only thing holding Shelby back from making more progress is me!! This kind of treatment is hard!!! Always eating the right things and being on top of it is very time-consuming.


susan kraut

Susan Kraut, Realtor, Jax Beach, FL

But my daughter, who is 21, has never felt as good or thought as clearly as she does now. The GAPS diet made the difference, but it was with Mihaela’s knowledge and guidance that my daughter is now DRIVING herself to WORK everyday! This is a long road we are on, but I am so thankful that Mihaela is with us helping to heal not just my daughter but the whole family.


I had a great time attending the Sauerkraut Party hosted by Mihaela. I enjoyed meeting the other ladies, and I’ve learned a great beneficial life skill. I must admit that when I was schlepping all the stuff for the class, I was wondering if it was worth all the effort. It definitely was. Not only I went home with 2 types of sauerkraut, but I learned how to do it “hands-on.” I loved the fact that Mihaela had samples for us to try and that she gave us a glass of the Sauerkraut Juice which totally sold and stoked me to make my own.

mickey l

“I look forward to attending other cooking parties with Mihaela, and I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn how to make delicious healing meals to sign up for Mihaela’s cooking parties.”

 Mickey Leonard, Jacksonville, FL


Within one week after starting a basic elimination diet suggested by Mihaela, I was headache-free and could see improvements in my skin.

I have benefited from Mihaela’s coaching for the past six months. I suffered from skin sores that would not heal, overuse of ibuprofen, daily headaches, and digestive problems. I decided to invest in my health in a proactive way, and it was a good decision. Mihaela suggested certain dietary changes, quality daily supplements, and alternatives to taking ibuprofen such as essential oils. I love the essential oils and continue to learn more about their many applications. She introduced me to the GAPS Nutritional Program which has further improved my overall health. Mihaela also recommended many ways to detoxify, starting with the body and ending with the home. Detoxification is key to leading a healthier lifestyle.

I have attended several of Mihaela’s cooking classes, and they are so very informative. To actually see her preparing the food is such a learning experience – and lots of fun too!

“Let Mihaela guide you on your journey toward healthier living. You will not find a more caring, understanding, resourceful, and knowledgeable counselor.”

 Kate, Jacksonville, FL


When I found Mihaela, I was struggling with constipation and lack of energy. Working with her not only helped me have regular bowel movements without the use of laxatives, but I feel better than I have in twenty years. I have more steady energy, and I am maintaining a healthy weight.

Mihaela showed me how to prepare healthy “healing meals”, helped me select the right supplements for my body’s needs, and has driven me to a healthier lifestyle. Mihaela is very knowledgeable, personable, and truly interested in her clients’ health and success. I really enjoyed all of our interactions via phone and in person.

Like any other worthwhile goal in life, nutritional healing takes time and resources to implement. If you have walked ten miles into the woods, you will have to hike ten miles back out. There are no shortcuts.

“I highly recommend Mihaela to anyone who wants to use nutrition to heal and is willing to make some major changes in their lives.”

Jesse Duke, Amelia Island, FL


When I decided to take the 7-Day Whole Foods Detox, I was feeling really bad, I had no energy and struggled to lose weight. The first days where tough, by Day 4 I felt  MUCH better!! The evening headache last night was almost nonexistent. I woke up at 5 am ready to take on the day. That hadn’t happened in close to 9 months!


Day 6: “I’ve lost weight & am in pants I haven’t been in for years. More energy than I’ve had in almost a year as well, and overall less pain.”

Bec R. Williamson, St. Augustine, FL


I was searching for an alternative to conventional medicine to help me lower my blood sugars. I found Healing with Foods and Mihaela searching the web, and honestly, I thought her office was really close to my job so that was one of the reasons I called her to schedule my first consultation. I’m glad that happened. Mihaela offered supportive, non-judgmental coaching which I really appreciated.

I was already beating myself up enough for my continued failures at trying to bring my health under control.  Mihaela enlightened me to how the gut affects all other areas of the body and taught me how to bring about healing through nutritionally dense food. Not only has she helped me take consistent steps towards reaching my health goals, but her gentle, kind mentoring was always welcomed and appreciated. She provided answers to questions and setbacks in a nurturing manner. I was able to lose weight (although that wasn’t my number-one goal or concern), my blood sugar levels improved significantly, I have more energy than I remember having in a long long time, and I’m happier and more confident in my ability to make food choices that support my health and my life goals. I continue to work on my health, as this is a lifelong journey.

“I have and will continue to recommend Mihaela and her coaching programs. I hope my story will encourage you to change your mindset around food and start taking steps towards reaching your health goals. Contact Mihaela and start your health and life transformation. You’ll be glad you did.”

mickey l

Mickey Leonard, Jacksonville, FL





We all know that diets don't work; deprivation and denial are both unnecessary and counterproductive. When it comes to food and your health ignorance is not bliss. I'm Mihaela and I will help you find what is holding you back from living your best health and life, simplify your eating and fitness routine to fit your busy schedule, learn to listen to your body, deconstruct cravings so you can make food choices that truly nourish you. I will help you break complex information into bite size pieces, easy to implement so you can take action now. Take charge of your health and live your best life ever.