Changing your life-style is like building a bridge

Changing your life-style is like building a bridge.

Well, I think I had another day of FLOW. I’m telling you FLOW follows FAST and I came up with this brilliant analogy to illustrate what we often call, lifestyle transformation.

That’s such an over used term and it’s such an under used approach.

Last week I did a live video on my face book about this exact topic. You can watch it down below at the end f this post.

So it goes like this:

For most people all they really want to hear is about the latest diet. The magical diet that will do it for them, and if possible

  • without sweating,
  • without having to give up the wine and the cake and of course,
  • it would take only 30 seconds a day.

Because of this kind of wishful thinking, the self-help industry is a $10 billion industry in the US alone. (that most likely includes books on dieting, fitness and self-help as well as programs, supplements, surgeries, etc.).

We get what we wish for, right?

We wish to get a quick fix, so we get more books talking about the next best quick fix.


In reality, there is no quick fix.

In reality, we continue to get sicker and sicker.

In reality, we are getting fatter and fatter as a nation and as a globe.


In reality, it takes

– time,
– discipline,
– commitment,
– courage,
– confidence,
– curiosity,
– determination,
– inspiration,
– tenacity,
– passion,

AND having personal life rules and principles!

To change what is for what it COULD and SHOULD BE!

The whole healing process (including weight loss) is really complex, multi-dimensional and with many moving parts that are unique to YOU.

It’s often called LIFESTYLE!The whole healing process (including weight loss) is really complex, multi-dimensional and with many moving parts that are unique to YOU.

But, nobody likes that word.

It’s boring and it doesn’t have the cool effect.

So, this is how I view it.

It’s like building a bridge.


– sick
– tired
– fat
– depressed
– anxious
– sluggish
– achy
– moody
– bloated
– constipated (or have the opposite problem)
– diabetes
– hypertension
– dyslipidemia
– infertility
– lost your MoJo

But, you really, really want to BE HERE:

– energetic
– happy
– lively
– motivated,
– inspired
– thin
– fit
– sexy
– pain-free
– headache free
– drug free
– labeled disease free (aka: no more diagnostic of diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, infertility, etc.)
– mom.

Now, to get from HERE to THERE,


You HAVE to build the bridge.

Yes, YOU build it!

There is no bridge built for you out there.

There are construction materials, (mindset, belief, food, exercise, sleep, meditation, nature time, earthing, gravity, sauna, social interaction, art therapy, etc.)

There are architects and engineers that will assist you, (books, programs, coaches, nutritionists, doctors, trainers, etc.)

But, ultimately it’s 100% your job to BUILD IT!

You choose the “materials” YOU KNOW are the right ones for you at each step of the way and

You choose who you want to employ, the architect, the designer, the engineer (aka: the program, the book, the coach, etc.).

But, unless you show up every day and you do the work,

There is not going to be a bridge to take you from where you are to where you WANT, COULD and SHOULD BE!

Now, click on the video below to gain more insight into how you can build your own bridge, then GO DO IT!

This is what you’ll learn:

– What it means to Live On Purpose,
– How to set up your Priorities for each week,
– How to Come up with Goals that are measurable and achievable and
– How to break it down into the smallest steps, the To Dos.

With love and whole foods,

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know how the bridge building work is going for you and if I can assist you with that. Leave a comment below.

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