How to add exercise to your busy life.

How to add exercise to your busy life.

Today I’m going to show you how by doing this 4 min exercise 3 times a day, EVERY DAY, you can rip similar (if not more) benefits than running for 1.5 hours. This kind of training has a residual effect, it continues to improve your health past beyond the time of exercise, well into 72 hours.

If you are reading this post, is because you are busy and you’d looove to know how to add planned exercise into your crowded daily agenda.

Exercise that:

  • it actually counts (aka it gives you results),
  • it’s not overwhelming, so with ease and joy you just go do it,
  • it boosts your confidence in your ability to get it done,
  • it doesn’t require a gym membership or a big bulky fitness equipment,
  • you can do it anytime, at home, office, at the park, in the airport, hotel room, etc.,

I know this sounds too good to be true. But it is not.

Stay with me and you’ll see why.

After you get the why, we’ll show you how’s done. Yes, my partner, Andrei, and I are here to get you inspired, motivated and most importantly move! I must admit you will be entertained by it too.

What is this exercise and how you do it? 

  • It’s a version of HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training.

You may or may not know, the “classic HIIT” takes about 20 minutes to complete and it has many (evidence-based) health benefits.

The routine we are showing today, it goes like this:

  • 3-4 minutes high-intensity exercise done 3 times a day, EVERY DAY!

Easy enough, right? The good part about this is you get the same health benefits as if you were to do the classic 20 min HIIT.

Here are a few health benefits of HIIT:

  • improve cardiovascular fitness and health, (one way it does that is by stimulating the release of nitric oxide from the blood vessels, hence, better heart, brain and body blood irrigation, blood pressure lowering effect, etc.)
  • increase the production of Human Growth Hormone, a very important hormone, particularly as we age, being responsible for muscle and bone health, as well as increase fat loss,
  • stimulates the muscle to produce more mitochondria, (the organelles responsible for generating energy) and makes the existing mitochondria work more efficient,
  • improve brain and cognitive function by increasing the synthesis of  Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which is like a growth hormone for the brain, the more BDNF the better
  • improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar management

There is more to it, but I think this is just enough to get you excited to go do it.

Do you want t take this to the next level? Or I should ask

Do you want to take your health and performance to the next level?

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