Chia seeds: what are they and why eat them?

What’s the hype about chia seeds? Should you buy into it?

Chia plant, (Salvia hispanica) is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala and belongs to the mint family. The seeds of this plant have been used by Latin Americans and Southwest American Indians for centuries as a staple food source, for sustenance during endurance contests and to treat constipation.
Today you can find chia seeds on the shelf in most supermarkets all over the world.

So, what’s the hype about chia seeds? Should you buy into it?

The hype is pretty well backed up by the multiple health benefits and the rich nutritional composition of these black tiny seeds, called chia. In fact chia makes the superfoods list!

Remember what are the criteria that make a food, a superfood? For more about this click here and read the Superfoods Blog.

  • Rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids
  • Aids ones health (increased energy, vitality, cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer and heart disease management)

Chia lives up to all those properties and more.

Let’s first take a look at its nutritional composition:

Image-as found on Calorie King

chia_seeds_cal chia_seeds_NF

  • Most of the carbs in chia are as fiber (10 g of 12 total). By this alone, if you are flowing a low carb diet, you can make chia your friend:)
  • Most of the fats in chia are polyunsaturated (7g of 9g total). These are your anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats. I’ll come back to this.
  • It’s a good source of vegetable protein (4 g) containing all the 9 essential amino acids, which makes it a complete protein. If you are a plant eater you’ve got to love chia.
  • Great source of potassium, calcium and iron, which makes it a great sports, recovery food.
  • Makes a great egg substitute in recipes (again if you are a vegan or have egg allergy, you must love chia)

Health enhancing properties of chia seeds:

  • Due to their high soluble fiber content, (one characteristic of soluble fiber is it turns into a gel when soaked in liquid), chia seeds are great for addressing constipation, act as a binding agent and absorb toxins in the gut (great to accompany any cleansing/detox program), aid in blood sugar management if consumed in a combined meal containing high glycemic carbs and increases satiety by slowing gastric emptying.
  • Due to it’s fatty acid composition (40% Linoleic Acid also known as omega-6 fats and 30% Linolenic Acid, also known as omega 3 fats) it is considered an anti-inflammatory and heart healthy food.

I hope this gives you enough reasons to try those miracle seeds and make them a regular part of your diet.

Download the CHIA SEED PUDDING, a delicious recipe, which my hubby thinks I can and should put a patent on (ha ha). See if you agree.

You can also watch the step by step video recipe below: How to make Chia Pudding from A to Z.

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  • Alexis Waltman Rupert

    I enjoyed your video! Very informative articles. Thank you.

    • Mihaela Telecan

      Thank you so much, Alexis.


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